You are now entering “FOG COUNTRY”

Because I’m now living an hour and a half away from my school (for the moment) I have to travel before or just after 7 to make it so school by 8.30. This is difficult for someone who LOVES her 11am sleep-ins … hehe. So, anyway. This morning I’m just travelling through ye old country when all suddenly I COULDN’T SEE ANYTHING! I was cornered. This fog was everywhere that I couldn’t see the road in front of the car, it was insane. After car-riding for an hour we finally exit FOG COUNTRY to clean, crisp, sunny weather. It was as if I opened my eyes after squinting for an hour (oh wait, I was) :’)

In other news. Over the past week since I last posted I’ve discovered my Dad is an asshole (excuse the french) and I have been labelled as possibly having anxiety. All in all. A great week -.-

Oh and! Today, we had the Year 12 assembly for you know the leaving Year 12’s and can I just say, I want my $1 back. A complete waste of time! Not only did I walk away from that (hopelessly boring) assembly with popped eardrums (kidding) but also with a sincere dislike for some Year 12 students. If you looked up the word BORING in the dictionary you would see the year photo of them. #truth

Anyways, until next week (or possibly earlier if I’m up to it).

P.S. I received ANOTHER assignment today. That’s now totaling up to be 9 assignments! KILL.ME.NOW.


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