It’s the third last day of my attendance at my current school and for the past week I’ve been quite upset over the fact that this is my last week but thanks to three beautiful people, today has become one of my best! We attended the Tri-Nations Wheelchair Rugby Tournament – Australia vs. America – and really, today was perfect. Filled with frisbee throwing, “would you rather?”, photobooths, laughs and perfection I could not have asked for a better “farewell” day.

I will cry and Friday will be a very sad day but as long as those three people – Cassie, Mark and Breanna – are involved, it will be the happiest goodbye I could muster.


I’ve always wanted to be the new kid and yet at the same time am completely and utterly afraid, have you ever been the new kid? Were you accepted? I think the outcome I’m most afraid of is being an outcast, of being seen but not really seen.  Only two days left of school and then poof! I’m no longer there. That’s what’s scary. Who knows if in a month’s time I’ll be forgotten? Nobody will remember me? I don’t know. Moving was hard enough but moving schools? That’s a completely new adventure.


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