Long Distance

So, a friend of mine is surviving through a long distance relationship. As, I’m going through that soon I asked her what it’s like. Mentioning it could be rough.

Crystal: Rough? That term is an understatement India, their honestly isn’t a word that describes how hard it gets, how painful. If you want me to be honest with you. Then here it is. Sometimes you don’t want to go out, leaving the room in which you and them sit in and be together with is too hard to even think about. You want to stay, in your bed and reminisce on all the happy things. You literally survive on your phone and memories, photo’s to remember what they look like, you barely remember what they feel like; You close your eyes in pain. For once in your life your chest actually hurts, aches even. Crying makes it worse. Screaming makes it worse. Laughing or smiling doesn’t even add up to the happiness you feel when you ‘re with them. Like I said, rough is an understatement… 

Me: That sounds so beautiful yet so painful at the same time.


Cherish those you love because distance and time could separate your hearts.


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