“Do you know wh…

“Do you know what the past day symbolized? It symbolized a lesson, a lesson that was taught and was left to you to learn or leave and let go. Do you know what today represents? It is an opportunity to use the lesson learnt the last day and to move forward towards your goal and your aims. Good Morning and have a wonderful day.”
– Unknown

It’s only 9:45am and I’ve already cried 3 times. Today is my last day at my current school before I start another journey into the wilderness. I’m scared, greatly and yet I’ve come to realise that this opportunity allows change. I can get a new hairstyle, dye my hair, change my attitude, be myself. But it’s time to stop crying and realise that everything will be okay, I’m starting a new adventure and nobody can tell me I’m going to give up my friends, my past for this new adventure. I will be okay, I will survive, I am determined.

“Good morning sunshine, the earth says hello”


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